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Our Mission

Northwest School of Innovative Learning is committed to fostering the social, emotional, psychological, physical, and intellectual well being of each child. We believe students must be taught, encouraged, and expected to take responsibility for their choices at school, at home, and within the greater community. Our school works collaboratively with parents/guardians, school districts, and other involved professionals to support the needs of each student. Through the services provided, our students will gain the skills necessary to return to their home school districts.

Guiding Principles


Every student has the right to be treated with respect and to be appreciated for his/her unique contributions to our school and community. Each student is held accountable for his/her actions. Students are reinforced and affirmed when they choose to apply skills learned. They do this by helping to support the success of others and by participating as an active member of the school community.


Northwest School of Innovative Learning holds up standards of academic excellence. This fosters a supportive and cooperative learning environment with a focus on effort and accuracy. Students are expected to arrive on time and to be prepared to work and to focus on academics.


Respect for self and others form the foundation for all interactions at Northwest School of Innovative Learning. Respect for adults is expected and nurtured, just as adults treat students with respect. Student interactions are guided by respect for one another. This also helps to create a safe educational environment.


Students are expected to arrive well groomed and appropriately dressed. They are also assessed on whether or not they are taking care of themselves. Students are expected to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. When this is too difficult for the student alone, each student is encouraged to ask for staff support in an appropriate manner.